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africa's notorious robin island prison mandela stepped into the waiting arms of his family and joyous expectations of an entire country. >> i cherish the idea -- [indiscernible] >> reporter: he not only became south africa's first black president but an international icon. he won the nobel peace prize after managing to put aside any thoughts of vengeance against his former jailers and instead brought them into a unity covet preserving the nation even as the apartheid system crumb bammed. >> -- crumbled. >> i have fought very firmly. >> reporter: nelson mandela's given name in the south african language translates as troublemaker. it was a teacher who changed it to nelson as the young mandela grew up in a privileged home and first became a lawyer representing blacks who had been forced off their land but
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his nonviolent apartheid opposition ended abruptly in 1961 after 69 peaceful black protesters were slaughtered by the police in what became known as the sharpville massacre. >> there are many people who fear that it is useless and futile for us to continue talking peace and nonviolence. >> reporter: mandela the lawyer had transformed to mandela the freedom fighter repeatedly challenging south africa's white minority rule until his arrest and conviction in 1964 on charges of sabotage and conspiracy to overthrow the government. and at age 44, the sentence was life. mandela would be 71 before the word would see him again. nelson mandela served one term as president and then retired from public life but continued to advocate for the causes important to him like the fight against aids and to meet with dignitaries from all over the world at his home. in june he was rushed to the hospital suffering from a recurring lung infection he first contracted in prison.
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he eventually went home but he remained in critical condition. >> mandela's life touched people all over the world, including right here in the d.c. area. >> back in october mandela's family, his friends, his long- time supporters gathered at the south african embassy on massachusetts avenue to see a statue of him dedicated there. last night it started to turn into a memorial. >> i don't think there was really anybody else like him. >> reporter: when the world loses someone like nelson mandela, tears fall and heads hang. >> i think we tried to prepare ourselves but emotionally it's not that easy. eight going for -- it's going to take a while for us to get over this. >> reporter: in reflection many seem to get closer. many come here to the statue at the embassy working past the construction line that stands between the statue and the people. they don't see black, white, man, woman, young, old. they only see the man and what
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he stood for. >> it's almost a symbolic gesture, that he should not be behind a fence. >> he should not be. you know what barbed wire signifies. repression, oppression, imprisonment. >> reporter: while mandela is gone, his stories of compassion live. [indiscernible] >> it's a story of supreme kindness. >> the fact he sat down with people on the other side of the fence and talked to people and we can't talk across the aisle here, that's sad. to me he really is a hero. >> reporter: jan smart recalls what this global force for peace did for americans. >> i worked across the road at the embassy for many years when the apartheid protests were outside. i saw how much it meant to americans and how much he inspired people just by sticking to his principles. >> but in south africa he was more than a principled man.
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>> a grandfather, a father, the conscience of the nation and someone that created hope for us. >> it's a sense of my boys can have the opportunity to do a lot more things that they may never had the opportunity to do. >> justice, freedom. those are important ideals and he espoused those. even if he was in south africa, they ring true everywhere. >> reporter: that's where he will be remembered everywhere. >> embassy staff plans to remove the fence today so they can create a path so people can access the statue and they are going to hold events throughout the week until mandela is laid to rest. you can find a list of those events as they start to happen on we'll also have a section where you can see famous quotes from mandela and reaction of his passing from around the world. you can also submit your own photos and videos of the icon
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there as well. other stories we're following for you. right now two different investigations involving d.c. officers. the first case involves an officer being investigated for allegedly running a prostitution ring. yesterday we told you about a 16-year-old girl who was reported missing and then was found in the officer's apartment. the girl told investigators the officer was prostituting her and was offering her services on the website she says there are six other women who have also been prostituted. police say that so far only a search warrant has been served and no arrest has been made. a judge has stayed his order of releasing another d.c. officer charged with producing child pornography. a judge ordered officer mark washington to house arrest pending his trial but is giving prosecutors 24 hours to appeal his decision. warveght was arrest -- washington was arrested after he told a 15-year-old runaway it was police procedure to make
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her pose naked for photographs. they found other photos dating back to 2011 on his camera. he was stripped of his gun, badge and uniform. the state department is trying to figure out who murdered an american teacher in in benghazi, libya. someone in a black jeep pulled up and shot ronald smith. he and his wife anita are from austin, texas. smith when he left for libya made a video for his church. he was worried about adapting to a foreign culture but said his faith would guide him. >> the person you can take a chance on is god. no matter what happens i'm good. that gives me peace. i'm okay with that. >> smith was teaching chemistry at the international school in benghazi. no one has claimed responsibility for the shooting. the attack took place near the u.s. consulate where terrorists killed ambassador chris stevens
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and three other americans last year. 52 firefighters battled a massive fire at an asphalt plant in laurel. this happened along the 5400 block of vandusen road. diesel fuel and asphalt terms are involved. hazardous materials personnel were called in to control the runoff. no one was hurt in the fire and the extent of the damage is still being calculated. metro says it wants to hold several public hearings before finalizing on a plan to increase fares on all of its services. yesterday metro unveiled a plan that would increase buffers by 15 cents regardless whether you pay for crash or a smartrip card. metrorail would go up by a dime. parking would increase by a quarter. if it passes the new fare rates would begin in july. metro isn't the only company trying to get a little more dough. pepco wants to increase its rates for the third time in two
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years. the utility wants to raise rates 43.3 million in maryland that break down to $4.80 a month for customers in montgomery and prince george's counties on average. pepco says the request is justified because of fewer outages, extensive upgrades and improved performance. microsoft has a plan that your private info never ends up in the hands of the nsa. we'll be talking about that in your first your money report of the morning. >> it will be a soggy commute to and from work. the first alert forecast from erica is coming up
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good morning. it's 4:41. i'm meteorologist erica grow. a yellow alert day because of inconvenient weather. that's what we mean when we issue a yellow alert. scattered showers throughout the day with a chance for steadier rain moving in later in the day as we're heading back home from work. the day as well. the temperature that we have out there right now is deceiving. it's not going to stay in the 60s. temperatures falling through the 50s to the upper 40s by 5:00 p.m. we're checking out the ride for folks early this morning with the wet pavement. we had a crash leaving baltimore i-95 southbound remains closed. kayton avenue closer to the baltimore beltway. southbound lanes remain blocked. northbound left hatch of the roadway has been blocked. northbound into baltimore a better bet this morning. looks like the bw parkway early on 295 or route 29. more traffic coming up in just a bit.
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back to you. >> thank you, beverly. the time right now is 4:41. i'm watching your money. wall street continues its week of losses. stocks closed down again yesterday, a fifth day in a row on concerns the government may soon begin to taper its stimulus of the economy. it's been its longest losing streak since september but the markets are waiting on today's jobs report due out at 8:30. checking the numbers for you the dow dropped 68 points closing at 15,821. the s&p 500 was down by almost 8 points. the nasdaq was off by about 5. microsoft says it will beep you security to pre-- beef up security to prevent government snooping. the agency was intercepting traffic. microsoft fears the nsa may have broken into their global communication links as well. "the shington post" reports that microsoft plans to encrypt the data flowing through all of its communication, productivity and other scheses. google andrea -- services. google and yahoo plan to do the
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same thing. attending college is not getting any cheaper. according to a new report by the institute for college access and success, itself average debt for the -- average debt for the class of 2012 is more than $29,000. that sup 10% from the year before and it's worse around our neck of the woods. the report says students in the east and midwest tend to borrow much more than in the west and in the south. and this one is for you true coffee lovers out there. starbucks is selling its limited edition $450 gift card. apparently these are expected to go fast. these cards are metal and they come preloaded with $400. enough money to keep you cafinated all year long. there is a catch. you can't get these cards in stores. you'll j be able to buy them on the flash website sale and it's only selling a thousand cards. they go on sell today at noon. $450. it comes with $400 loaded so you're paying a $50 premium to
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get the card in metal. >> i was trying to do the math. okay. i'm do that. whatever, starbucks. well, do you need to have a college degree to have a high- paying career? we're going to test that after the break. >> i'll buy you coffee and give you a piece of metal for $25. >> that's a deal. maybe you'll be seeing red over the weekend, red alert. it's going to be dramatically different than it is right
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the phone is ringing in the weather center. erica will answer your call in a minute. thanks for waking up with us. 61 degrees. it's december. >> it is december. and yesterday we got up to 69. so very, very mild stuff but this is the end of it. so i want you to grab the coat before you head out the door because temperatures falling into the 40s by the time 'r
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dieatinger tonight. big changes on the way. let's start off with a look at michael & son weather cam and the national mall and they're taking down the scaffolding. you can see there's plenty of clouds in place because we have the little bit of a hugh to the atmosphere -- hue to the atmosphere there. 60 degrees at 9:00 a.m. but then down to 55 by noon with the scattering of showers. more showers as you're heading back home from work. 47 degrees at 5:00. and we're going to see those temperatures falling into the 30s overnight tonight. but these are going to be your overnight lows. 64 degrees in gaithersburg. 63 in leesburg. 66 in manassas. 66 in luray. and you can see that colder air coming. 46 in cumberland right now and 55 in martinsburg. and here it is on satellite and radar. you can see that stream of moisture. if you're watching yesterday morning, i told you everything moving from southwest to northeast so that's why it took so long for the rain to arrive. the yellows and oranges indicating the pockets of
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heavier rain. of course the blue is snow and the pink is a wintry mix. that's not going to be a factor for this storm for us but then there's another one on the way and i'm talk more about that in just a second. but 9 future cast timing out the arrival of our next band of rain. 9:00 a.m. starting to push up from the south and west moving through fredricksburg. by noon you'll need the umbrella if you're heading outdoors for lunch throughout the beltway and especially points south and east of the beltway. and then dinner time and heading back home 4:00 we're going to see more of those showers moving through. so it's wet all day today. that's why we have the yellow alert. then the possibility of thunderstorms overnight tonight as it continues to sweep through. you can see the yes llowand oranges again indicating the possibility of some pockets of heavier rain. so it is going to abmessy day today. -- to be a messy day today. everything sweeping through overnight. saturday will be colder and drier. this is what it will look like in the afternoon. our current temperatures are much milder than this but your afternoon high will be 49 in
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gaithersburg, 48 in winchester. 56 in culpeper. 53 in downtown washington and 52 for your afternoon high at andrews. overnight tonight we will see those temperatures dipping into the 30s. 33 in martinsburg. 34 in winchester. 36 in culpeper and manassas. 36 at andrews as well and 34 in gaithersburg. our three-day outlook much better on saturday though it will be breezy, a high of 46 degrees and then red alert on sunday. we call it a yellow alert when the weather is inconvenient. i have red alert when the weather is downright dangerous. it's going to be a wintry mess. we'll start out with sleet and snow. possibly some freezing rain in there as well. and then in the afternoon changing over to a little bit of rain but a slushy accumulation is possible. topper will have much more on that coming up tonight at 5:00. but in the first alert seven- day forecast, it's a terrible day to spend outside on sunday. not great weather of course for both the redskins game and the
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ravens game. monday it will be milder but still wet, 49 degrees with the scattered showers and then colder and drier again. yes, it is december. we're going to see the colder air and the sunshine returning at the same time. that's a look at the first alert seven-day forecast. it is time again for timesaver traffic and beverly farmer. thank you, erica. we've been looking at i-95 just south side of baltimore with an overturned or crash that involves a couple of vehicles that overturned a. couple of trucks on i-95 south side of baltimore still closed at kayton -- caton avenue where they divert all the traffic on the southwest side. not an option for southbound folks. northbound they have blocked the two left lanes to facilitate any traffic that was trapped southbound as they u- turned them. that's pleated because northbound is -- completed because northbound is open. but you can see the flashing lights. it will take you extra time just for the rubber necking although lanes are open. certainly the bw parkway is still an option or 29 nor an option to consider. as far as the capital beltway
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is concerned we've been in pretty good shape. no issues to report maryland side. just the wet pavement and the fog out to the east of the bay bridge. that's been an issue with the fog warning in effect. 66 a little more volume on the wet pavement trying to make your way into manassas. that pace is still light volume heading on into the beltway in falls church. crash cleanup is on route 7 near columbia park. that reportedly involved a pedestrian struck. if you travel the 95 corridor of virginia, volume is building as you head north into quantico. lanes open into springfield on to 395. a stretch of route 1 at crystal city closed southbound between 20th and 23rd street, south of 395. ongoing crash investigation which arlington police say will last through the morning rush hour. back to you. >> busy morning. thanks, bev. if you do not have a college degree, do you think you can find a job that will make you more than the minimum wage? >> we sent peggy fox out to five five jobs that pay at least $15 and do not require a college degree. you might be in for a sur
4:52 am
operate. -- be in for a surprise. >> reporter: you wonder what the drivers make who drive the automatic garbage trucks? they're making $19. this is the same salary this letter carrier is making. a more skilled underground utility worker can make $22 an hour and up. if you prefer more delicate work and would rather be inside working with people, how about the hair industry? >> if you have a skill or willing to work and learn the skill, you can definitely do it. >> reporter: no degree required but you do need to go to hair school. that cost tricia staples $15,000. now after three years as a stylest at eclipse salon in mclean, only 28 years old, she's worked her way up into a decent salary. >> i'm making close to probably $60,000 a year. >> reporter: eclipse has an apprentice program which starts employees out washing hair at $10 an hour. they do pull in at least $15
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with tips. 25-year-old andy kimm who immigrated from south korea went through the program and is now a full-time stylist. >> the first time i couldn't do this very well. i couldn't but a lot of people helped and now i can. >> reporter: he's making more than $30,000 a year but he knows that there's great opportunity for growth in a high end salon like this. owner diane fisher says all it takes are the skills required along with hard work and a very nice salary could follow. >> there's been some that make $200,000 a year. >> reporter: styling hair? >> yes, yes. >> reporter: what do you think about that? >> i think it's wonderful. it makes me feel really good. i love it. >> local career counselor colleen smith says waiters at nice restaurant, temp workers and seasonal workers can make more than $15 an hour. in today's health alert, the shopping impact of measles even now 50rbgs years after a high -- 50 years after a highly
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effective vaccine was approved. the virus still kills more than 400 children a day worldwide. health officials say people infected overseas are sparking outbreaks with unvaccinated people in the united states, including infants. in 2013 at least 175 cases of measles were reported in the u.s. that's almost three times the year before. 4:54. time to look at the question of the morning. according to a survey, every man should get this at least once in his life. what is it? >> here are your options. a, a barber shop shave, b, fitt for a suit or c, an old school shoe shine. we'll br
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it is 4:57. we're taking a live look with the michael & son weather cam at a cloudy and dreary but mild scene. temperatures right now right around 60 degrees throughout much of the metro but keep in mind that temperatures will fall steadily throughout the day with a north wind bringing in cooler air and it is going to be raining off and on all day as well. temperatures falling through the 50s this afternoon. we'll take a look at the ride trying to make your way into northbound 395 heading
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past the pentagon. lanes all open but a stretch of southbound route 1 in crystal city remains closed south of 20th street toward 23rd street. that will be throughout the morning rush hour. we'll have that and more details coming up in the rest of the morning. back to you, mike, jessica. >> thank you, beverly. music stars are warming up for tonight's big grammy show and movie history goes to the highest bidder. >> suzanne marquette has those stories and more in this morning's eye on entertainment. >> reporter: fans of the late bruce lee competed for a little bit of kung fu history. the movie stars yellow jumpsuit sold for over $100,000. lee designed the costume himself and wore it in the 1978 movie the game of death. a pair of matching numb chucks sold for $70,000. mexican pop star salia is making her mark in the u.s. she got her star on the hollywood walk of fame. she also handed -- landed her own fashion line at macy's.
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here at the nokia theater, keith urban warmed up for one of the most anticipated shows. he will be one of the performers at tonight's grammy award mom naipgs. rapper ll cool jay is host of the one-hour special here on cbs. and here's our first peek at the upcoming spiderman sequel. >> the more people i try to save, the more enemies i will make. >> reporter: the new trailer shows peter parker facing new villains but still making time for love interest emma stone. >> can you understand? >> reporter: ed amazing spiderman two opens in the spring. that's your eye on entertainment, suzanne marquez, cbs news, los angeles. good morning. you're watching wusa9 at 5:00 a.m. i am jessica doyle in for andrea roane. >> happy friday. i'm mike hydeck. thanks for joining us. traffic momentarily. erica grow is in for howard today. what a crazy day and the weekend is going to be even
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crazier. >> absolutely. today is a yellow alert day. the weather will be inconvenient. that's what we mean when it's a yellow alert. we'll see the scattered showers moving through. another important point. temperatures falling throughout the day. it's very mild out there right now. let's start off with a look at the michael & son weather cam panning out a little bit to get a better view of the washington monument and downtown d.c. 61 degrees at 8:00 a.m. well above average but by the time we get into the afternoon hours, it will be in the low 50s. 55 at noon. 49 degrees at 4:00 p.m. and 46 degrees at 8:00. so those temperatures will steadily fall throughout -- [ no audio ] 68 in culpeper and orange. mild stuff out there right now but grab the jacket before you head out the door because we do have the falling temperatures for the entire d.c. metro as we head into the
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